No grit, no pearl.
Clam You Dig It?

The Salt Line is an oyster focused seafood restaurant between Nationals Park and the Anacostia waterfront in Southeast Washington, DC. From its inception, the aim was to merge the coastal vibes of New England and the Mid-Atlantic. The visual identity we created ranges from classic and nautical, to cheeky and family-friendly.

The typeface is bold and clean. The menus are a deep dark blue and gold, while accents of red are a nod to their neighbors, the Washington Nationals. The details in the pointillism oyster shells draw inspiration from sand on a beach, while oyster and sea monster illustrations tie the identity together with instagram-friendly details.

Pig in Process.

Process Sketches
Illustration: pencil on paper
Storytelling to delight and surprise
Chef Justin Severino’s cured meats have put his Pittsburgh restaurants in the national spotlight.
What the Shell Did We Do?

+ logo & visual identity
+ packaging
+ illustration
+ apparel
+ production management
+ website

A study of pork.

Process Sketches
Illustration: pencil on paper
Iterations of Bacon

This little piggy went wee wee wee all the way to the butcher shop…to be turned into salami, pate, sausage, smoked meats, salami cotto, and whole muscle. Thankfully, we had a labeling system for that.

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