Meats. Cured.
This Little Piggy.

Our goal was to create an identity that captures Chef Justin Severino’s whimsical personality and introduces Salty Pork Bits to an audience of meat fans and foodies across the nation. These high-quality cured meats defy the norm with careful sourcing, unique techniques, and surprising flavor combinations. To set the brand apart from the landscape of traditional cured meat products we veered away from an old-world aesthetic with playful illustrations of our pig protagonist going about his daily life.

The various illustrated vignettes can be expanded upon as new product lines and flavors are introduced. By establishing a tone that this brand isn’t your typical salami and charcuterie, we’re creating an expectation that you’re in for a treat— and prepare to be delighted.

Pig in Process.

Process Sketches
Illustration: pencil on paper
Storytelling to delight and surprise
Chef Justin Severino’s cured meats have put his Pittsburgh restaurants in the national spotlight.
We dug into the meat of it:

+ branding
+ logo & visual identity
+ packaging system
+ illustration
+ signage
+ marketing collateral
+ merchandise & apparel
+ production management
+ copywriting & editing

A study of pork.

Process Sketches
Illustration: pencil on paper
Iterations of Bacon

This little piggy went wee wee wee all the way to the butcher shop…to be turned into salami, pate, sausage, smoked meats, salami cotto, and whole muscle. Thankfully, we had a labeling system for that.

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