Not your mamá’s mofongo.

Our restaurant branding work with La Famosa began with a fundamental question, where on the scale between generally Latin Caribbean and specifically Puerto Rican do we fall? Inspired by Chef Joancarlo’s heritage and an existing presence of Cuban and Caribbean fusion options the answer was clear: put Puerto Rican pride front and center. We embraced familiar images of Caribbean themes and the Puerto Rican flag but presented them in unexpected ways. The color palette, halftone images of pineapples and beaches, and illustrations inspired by fruit stickers, come together to create a brand that is both nostalgic and a little offbeat.

La Familia

Original advertisement + canned pineapples.
La Famosa takes its name from the fruit canning company that Joancarlo's family founded in Bayamon, Puerto Rico in the 1920s.
Photos by Scott Suchman and GDCo.
custom branding merchandise apparel tee shirt design
Provided Servicios
+ brand strategy
+ verbal & visual identity
+ art direction
+ copywriting
+ signage
+ menu system
+ event display collateral
+ photography
+ production management
+ website
+ apparel
+ illustration
+ social media strategy & management
Delightfully bright,
deliciously branded.
In today’s COVID-19 climate, we worked with La Famosa to create cheerful contactless ordering, solving the problem one pineapple at a time.
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