The Myint family mixes it up.

To introduce the fast casual diner to an unfamiliar flavor profile for the lunchtime salad game, our goal was to develop an approachable brand that stands out amongst the usual salad bowl players. We started by coming up with a name that has broad appeal while hinting at Southeast Asian culture. Named after Bandoola, a famous Burmese elephant in World War II, this salad shop is heartfelt and family run.

The bright colors and textured patterns play off of the vibrant flavors and hearty crunch of the bowls themselves. A label system that allows for quick visibility of different flavors creates a user-friendly grab and go experience for the office-worker set, and a versatile collection of illustrations that reference the ingredients reinforces the variety of options.

The undercover versatility and craveable crunch of a bowl of cabbage.

Packaging and Branding System
Illustration: assortment of ingredients
Thoughtful and creative labeling for better user experience
custom branding merchandise apparel tee shirt design
Elephants may never forget, but we developed a brand system so they don’t have to remember.
+ brand strategy
+ naming
+ logo/identity development
+ signage
+ marketing collateral
+ menu design
+ merchandise
+ website
+ photography
+ production management
+ social media setup
From online to in-store.
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All Projects