We're Hiring: Production Designer

Does this role speak to you and whisper, “this is definitely for me”? Send along your resume and cover letter to to be considered.

We are looking for a deft researcher and detail-obsessor to join our branding and design studio.

The Production Designer has a foot in both design and production. This role requires a tenacious approach to research, balanced with creative flexibility and technical proficiency, in order to bring brand touch points to life. What does that look like? Our brands extend from the in-person experience (ex. signage, physical collateral and packaging, branded interior applications, apparel) into the digital experience (ex. websites, animation, social media assets). This role will require proficiency in both areas.

The Design Side:

This position works closely with the Design team to understand and carry forward the concept of the brand in two parts: through crafting formal solutions with the Production Director according to the brand concept, and through brand management tasks. This involves attending design review sessions, allowing for a fundamental understanding of our brands. These brand management tasks involve working on design collateral that have exited the Brand Development stage and are in production and management stage. This role requires quick hands, technical proficiency and best practices in delivering art files, and content edits and management. This extends to both the in-person experience and digital spaces.

The Production Side:

This position also works closely with the Production Director. This means collaborating on collateral solutions, researching and curating an ongoing list of vendors, crafting prototypes, gathering and organizing quotes, putting together clean printer-ready press files, and facilitating the proof-to-approval process. The Production Designer must have ability to understand what the vendor needs to complete their task, which requires developed skills in foresight and planning. This role also requires unparalleled attention to detail, smart organization and prioritization, the ability to think ahead, and a DIY/maker spirit.

Key Characteristics:
  • Proactive self-starter: Keeps up with tasks in a timely manner and engages with teammates on status
  • Multi-tasker: Can balance multiple priorities and ideas
  • Team Player: Unafraid to ask questions and communicate clearly with clients and teammates
  • Curious: Open to learning new things and exploring possibilities, boldly going where no designer has gone before!
  • Innovator: Can creatively build within constraints, whether that be time, budget, or speed
  • Expert Proficiency: 3+ years experience in a branding studio, design agency, or similar environment. Ability to seamlessly execute brand vision across various applications as well as an expert knowledge of how to set up files for press and production properly

General Values:


We are responsive, transparent, and respectful, a tight knit team with a highly collaborative spirit. We know how to set aside ego, avoid assumptions, and listen to each other and our clients.


The caliber of our work is a reflection of the caliber of our team. Each of us brings critical thinking, creativity, hard work, and commitment to the table. With a small team like ours there is nowhere to hide…muahaha…


Being reliable means more than hitting your own deadlines. It means having each other's backs and remaining solution-oriented under shifting priorities or unexpected challenges.


We're motivated self-starters with curious minds. Our comfort zone is discomfort! Or at least the willingness to explore the unknown and tackle new challenges.


The glass is half full. Unless the goal is to empty it, then it’s half empty—hooray. We are positive, compassionate, and have no time for racists, homophobes, misogynists, classists, or other willful haters.


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Does this role speak to you and whisper, “this is definitely for me”? Send along your resume, portfolio, and cover letter to to be considered.

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