Welcome To Office Hours

office hours is our way of giving back to small businesses in need of help during the covid 19 pandemic

Soung Wiser

These are wild times and like many, we are looking for ways we can help. As a branding and design studio, we found the most natural way to add value is to lend our strategic thinking skills. And since we always start our work with a conversation we are opening our virtual doors to have as many of those as we can, with whatever small businesses feel like they could use one. We are acting quickly and adapting as we learn but for now, here are the basics:

Step 1

A 30-MIN COMPLIMENTARY INTRO SESSION. Tell us about your current business challenges to see if we might be able to help. If it looks like we can then we’re on to the next step. Schedule here.

Step 2

A 90-MINUTE TARGETED PROBLEM-SOLVING WORKSHOP. We create the framework, facilitate, and help brainstorm around a single objective. At the end we provide you with a document that outlines the following:

• Notes from the session with a recap of the exercises we did together
• Clear action steps for you to implement next
• Any resources or references we may be able to share

Once we have completed the first step, we will provide an estimate for the workshop but our intention is to keep it accessible.

Let’s start a conversation.

Click here to get started.
Read More about the motivations behind Office Hours from our Principal and Creative Director, Soung Wiser.


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