Felicidades, La Famosa!

Infusing culture in a Puerto-Rican "fast fine" dining experience

Matt Batista

Congratulations to our friends at La Famosa for opening on Monday, September 14th, 2020.

We've been sneaking bites of chef Juancarlo Parkhurst's cooking for almost a year now and are so excited for DC eaters to share in that joy.

The initial challenge was to bring clarity to whether or not La Famosa should be generally a Latin Caribbean concept or more specifically celebrate the chef’s Puerto Rican roots. Because the competitive landscape is healthy with Cuban, Latin American, and Caribbean restaurants, our strategy was to create one of the first distinctly Puerto Rican fast-fine concepts in Washington DC. We put Puerto Rican pride front and center by embracing familiar images of the flag and Caribbean themes, but presenting them in unexpected ways. The color palette, halftone images of pineapples and beaches, and illustrations inspired by fruit stickers, all come together to create a brand that is both nostalgic and a little offbeat, letting you know this is not your mama’s mofongo.

La Famosa brings soulful Puerto Rican cooking to Washington, DC with our all day eatery.

Our work with La Famosa began with a fundamental question, where on the scale between generally Latin Caribbean and specifically Puerto Rican do we fall?

Inspired by Chef Joancarlo’s heritage and an existing presence of Cuban and Caribbean options the answer was clear, put Puerto Rican pride front and center. And do it in a way that clues you in to expect something a little classic but not traditional—this is not your mamá’s mofongo.

Read more about their opening on Eater DC and swing by their location in Yards for takeaway and half-capacity indoor dining.


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